September 06, 2021

Splendour of Pakistani Weddings

Steps Wedding Rituals
1 Preparation - Bride / Groom
2 The Dholki
3 The Mehendi
4 Mayun
5 Nikah
6 Baraaat
7 Reception - Walima

The extravagance and splendour of Pakistani weddings are no less than those of Indian weddings. Weddings in Pakistan are a grand affair with a line of celebrations and ceremonies, namely the Dholki, Mehendi Night, Mayun, the Nikah, Baraat and the Walima.

Following the official meeting between the bride and the groom's family, the engagement ceremony is the first pre-wedding celebration. The beauty of a Pakistani wedding is that the family owns the entire union. To make this bond official, the family of the boy will give sweets and presents to the girl's family. This ceremony is known as Zabaan. The groom's family has sworn their commitment to the bride's family for this marriage. This is followed by an engagement ceremony, also known as Mangni.

Splendour of Pakistani Weddings

Splendour of Pakistani Weddings

The Dholki

As the first pre-wedding celebration, Dholki marks the start of the wedding festivities. It takes place a couple of weeks before the wedding. This is one of the most fun ceremonies wherein ladies from the families of the bride and groom gather together to sing, dance and make merriment. Dholki is derived from the name of an instrument called dholak (drum). At this ceremony, ladies wear designer clothing, beat the drum to the tunes of the latest Pakistani songs, making the event happy and cheerful. Read more…

The Mehendi

After Dholki ceremony, mehendi night is organized. During this event, the bride’s hands and feet are adorned with intricate Mehendi or henna designs. The bridesmaids, sisters, and other close family members also decorated their hands with henna patterns. There is a belief that this ceremony will bring good luck and love to the bride's future life. For this ceremony, the bride usually wears Pakistani ethnic wear outfits in yellow or green colours. Changing times have made it fashionable for the groom as well to decorate his hands with Henna. Read more…


The Ubtan ceremony is also known as the Mayun. During the last week before the wedding, it is forbidden for the bride to leave the house. The bride and groom are kept away from seeing each other. Both the bride and groom are asked to take time out for skincare and beautification during this period. To enhance the bride's wedding glow, a paste of turmeric (haldi), essential oils, herbs and sandalwood is applied to her face, hands and feet. The bride and groom choose to wear yellow coloured outfits for the ubtan ceremony. Read more…

The Nikaah

The wedding ceremony or Nikaah is the main event when the bride and groom exchange vows and are pronounced husband and wife. Upon tying the knot, the bride and groom sign a marriage contract. Read more…


Baraat brings an end to this extravagant wedding celebration. Along with it comes the moment when the family sends off the bride with the groom. Read more…

The Walima or the Reception

Waalima is the formal event organized by the groom’s family post-wedding to celebrate their togetherness. The bride and groom make their first appearance as a couple on this occasion. The bride wears a gorgeous lehenga for this event, which is gifted to her by her in-laws. On the other hand, the groom opts for a tuxedo for a dapper look.   Read more…

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