March 29, 2022

Latest Lehenga Choli Trends For Indian Women

So we all agree that trends come and go but lehenga cholis are here to stay!

The lehenga choli has always been a favorite of Indian women as has been proven with every turn of the decade. The problem - choosing the right ones can be challenging.

There are an endless number of designers offering an endless number of styles.

But if you’re here looking for the perfect lehenga choli additions to your wardrobe, you can browse through this list of nine (9) of the trendiest lehenga choli trends to get you dressed to the nines, easily!

Floral Sleeveless Lehenga Choli

Floral Sleeveless Lehenga Choli

1. Pastel shades and ombre tones

Light pastels continue their wave and now we’re seeing them on brides at their weddings. Maybe it’s because they’re soothing and pleasing to the eyes. Or perhaps it’s because they’re just beautiful. Whatever it is, this year is seeing more lehengas in pastel shades and ombre tones. They’re beautiful!

2. Short or extra-long sleeves

Designers are playing around with sleeves a lot these days.

When it comes to lehenga, we’ve seen trends like short sleeves, extra long sleeves, and cape sleeves. These sleeve designs are dominating society currently and they don’t look like they will fade off anytime soon.

Red Lehenga Choli Design

Red Lehenga Choli Design

3. Floral prints and artsy patterns

One thing we’ve always loved about Indian fashion is the artistic part of it that kind of adds a deeper meaning to all of these beauties. Talking of art, we are now seeing more lehengas rocking beautiful floral prints, bird motifs, as well as all kinds and manners of bold and artistic patterns. Just choose what you want, folks!

4. The belt on the dress

The belt on a lehenga is one of our favorite lehenga trends for Indian women.

Remember when waistbands were a big part of the Indian woman's fashion? These bands are back now in the form of waist belts. You can pin these belts on your dupatta either with both sides in or one hanging out loose.

5. Dupatta with a difference

Indian fashion designers have become a lot more creative with dupatta designs.

These days, you’ll see different kinds of lehenga choli dupatta trends from chic and cute pre-attached dupatta on lehengas to belted dupattas, among others.

Lehenga Choli Design in Green Color

Lehenga Choli Design in Green Color

6. Ruffled beauty

Ruffled lehengas are the rave nowadays as you’ll see them everywhere from the red carpets at fashion shows to the cover pages of magazines, as well as on your favorite Bollywood stars. Flouncy ruffles, for one, helps give volume to your lehenga outfit, making them look even more classy and elegant.

7. Gold-themed lehengas

Beyond gold embroidery and embellishments, we’re now seeing gold-themed lehengas dominating and winning.

Whether you want to call it gold or champagne color, lehengas with gold tones are as glamorous as they get. They are a great sight at traditional weddings and parties.

8. Layered lehenga

One tier appears not even for some of our ladies. We’re now seeing lehenga designs with two or more layers. The most common form is double-layered where a heavily embroidered top sits above a plain bottom layer.

White Floral Sleeveless Lehenga

White Floral Sleeveless Lehenga

9. Peplums with lehenga

Short peplums, silver peplums, heavily embroidered peplum tops, and more are now common in the lehenga dress designs scene. These peplum tops look chic and cute and can come in varying designs from turtle neck to layered flares.

Navigating hundreds of trendy designs can be challenging.

We’ve handpicked the most popular lehenga choli trends to help you get it right every time you step out. What are you still waiting for? Start shopping now to fill up your wardrobe with these trendy and beautiful pieces.

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