August 05, 2022

Hottest Anarkali Dress Trends To Try Right Now!

Was there a time when Anarkali ever went out of trend? No! Never!

Today, they’re still as dazzling and mesmerizing as they were then. The only problem now is there are too many styles and design takes on the Anarkali that you’ll have a hard time choosing what you need. But you don’t need everything. So, we’ve curated the trendiest Anarkali dress trends for Indian women. You need to try some of these ASAP!

Women in Purple Anarkali Suit

Women in Purple Anarkali Suit

1. Floor-length Anarkali suit

The best Anarkali dress designs have always reached towards the floor.

These floor-length Anarkali have a kind of charm to them that you will hardly find in other styles. Only ankle-length Anarkali suits come close.

2. Lehenga-style suits

Lehenga-style Anarkali suits are the new rage these days.

This dress style consists of a long flowing kurta with a lehenga bottom. They can extend anywhere from the knees down to the floor and are as fabulous and classy as the words go.

Designer Anarkali Suit in Green

Designer Anarkali Suit in Green

3. Pearl and sequin embroidery

We’re seeing more Anarkali suits these days with embroideries of all kinds, from simple to intricate. Among all of these, pearls and sequins have not only stood out as the most popular choice but also as the most beautiful.

4. Cotton and chiffon for the summer

Need the perfect Anarkali dress for the summer?

Our women favor Anarkali dresses made from lightweight fabrics like cotton and chiffon to slay summer with style. If you find yourself in this class of women, now you know what to look at

Anarkali in Lehenga Style Design

Anarkali in Lehenga Style Design

5. Anarkali with palazzo

Palazzo pants with Anarkali? How classy!

More women are ditching their churidars and replacing them with palazzo pants to give their Anarkali dress and appearance a chic and classy look. And there’s a lot to be said about how palazzos are versatile and how they can easily help make certain dresses more sophisticated looking. Anarkalis are one of such dresses, though.

6. Pastel shades

Pastel shades have taken over the Indian fashion scene, Anarkali suits, inclusive. From mint green to pink, mauve, baby blue, etc, we’re seeing not just Anarkali but also other prominent dresses in soothing and pleasing light pastel shades.

If you’re considering shopping for Anarkali dresses soon, you might want to cop one or more of these dresses in some of these shades for yourself. You’ll most likely like them!

Anarkali Design for Women

Anarkali Design for Women

7.   Floral prints

Floral prints have a special place in Indian fashion. Now, they are commonly seen among the most stylish Anarkali dresses dominating society currently.

Whether it’s summer or spring, beautiful floral prints and patterns on well-embroidered Anarkali dresses are always a joy to behold. They are super-enchanting and chic and paired with the right accessories, they’ll spruce up your royal femininity.

Since the Anarkali was first worn by Mujra dancers of the legendary Mughal Empire to the present day, these dresses have wowed generations of women across centuries.

If you want to tap into the effortless charm, beauty, and style of the Anarkali suit, you can start your shopping by jumping on some of these Anarkali dress trends for Indian women - curated for your royal majesty!

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