April 07, 2022

Top Seven Indian Saree Trends For Fashionable Women

For years, the saree has always ranked top of the list for women when they need to step out in something truly ethnic and traditional.

But while this simple dress is versatile enough for most events and occasions, there are just so many styles and trends you might be frustrated trying to choose one that suits your style while still being able to win the season. It is for this reason that we have compiled this guide on the top Indian saree trends that will be everywhere this year.

1.  Belts on saree

This is not particularly new, but it’s one trend that has refused to go away since it became popular years ago.

You can adorn your outfit with a belt to add more definition and highlight to your waist area. There are different kinds of these belts from metallic to fabric-based and embellished. Whatever you choose though, be sure you go for one that pairs easily with your outfit.

Desinger Saree in Two Color

Desinger Saree in Two Color

2.  Net sarees

You’ll like different kinds of Indian saree trends but there’s just something about net sarees that makes it easy to fall in love with them. While they are not vulgar, they are as sensuous and stylish as they can get. For this type of sarees, while the pallus are made of net, the lower skirt can come in silk, satin, or any of the other luxury fabrics on the market.

3.  Fancy floral prints

Beautiful floral print sarees are all the rage this year.

Whether it is the border; the pallu, blouses – or other accessories, floral prints are beautiful and can give your style and outlook a kind of freshness that you’ll hardly get with most other kinds of dresses. When next you’re out shopping for a saree, look out for sarees with kalamkari flower designs, or those with flower embellishments, among others.

Floral Saree Design

Floral Saree Design

4.  Ruffles and all

The ruffled saree is beautiful and dance-friendly. Whether you’re a bride looking for something special for your wedding or need something to hit the dance floor with at the next party, this ruffled design is one of the top saree trends you can try to give your outing a special feel.

5.  Hem cut and embroidery

We can all agree that this is currently one of the top Indian saree trends. There’s something about beautifully embroidered saree hems, many of which are usually cut alongside the embroidery. But this has extended also from just the saree to include lehengas, dupattas, and blouses, as well.

Green Saree Blouse

Green Saree Blouse

6.  Multicolor sarees

While we can’t argue the fact that the Indian fashion scene is colorful and bright, we also can’t overlook the fact that most sarees before now were often made from fabric dresses spotting monochrome or dichromatic colors. But then, new sarees in multicolor hues are popping up every day now in diverse colors from bright red to pink, orange, blue, etc.

7.  Pastel shades

Embroidered Red Saree

Embroidered Red Saree

If you need something gentle and soothing, you’ll like the soft touch and look of the new pastel shade sarees that are growing in popularity right now. From light blue to pale pink, more sarees are hitting the markets with different kinds of threadwork, large sequins, and other kinds of embroidery.

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