January 25, 2022

Hottest Diwali Festival Fashion Trends

We agree that finding the perfect dress for Diwali is never an easy task.

As much as we would like to experiment with different ideas, some unspoken rules or traditions suggest wearing ethnic or traditional clothing for that day. But it’s not like you can’t also opt for an Indo-Western look for Diwali.

To achieve the best Diwali look, you just need to pick the right combo of dresses and give your outfit that perfect festive touch. For this, we’ve curated the hottest clothing trends in festivals, with regards to Diwali, for your wearing pleasure!

An Anarkali Suit for Women on Diwali

An Anarkali Suit for Women on Diwali

1. Anarkali for Diwali

Anarkali is your go-to dress if you don’t want to sweat it out.

This long frock dress style is in a class of its own - and believe it when we say it’s super perfect if you’re worried that Diwali is almost here. One more good thing about these dresses is that there are many varieties to choose from. You can choose from Anarkalis with pre-attached dupattas, cape Anarkali, palazzo Anarkali, floral Anarkali, Anarkali gowns, etc.

2. Kurti and palazzo for Diwali

There’s just something about the palazzos that makes us unable to get our eyes off them. And if you decide to have one for Diwali, you can be sure you’ll look as fashionable as possible.

One of the best combos for Diwali can be your palazzo paired with a silk kurta. The great thing about palazzos is that there are many beautiful styles and patterns you can choose from, and they all mostly look beautiful.

3. Half ‘n’ Half Saree

Want to turn heads during Diwali? A half and half saree can do the trick!

You can opt for those simple saree designs, complete with a colored pallu. You can also choose designer sarees, silk sarees, lehenga sarees, or more.

Women in Saree on Diwali Fesival

Women in Saree on Diwali Fesival

4. Lehenga Choli

Lehengas are made for Diwalis.

These dresses are as elegant as the word “elegant” itself - and they’ll never be out of place during the Diwali celebrations. For the best possible Diwali look, you can consider a silk lehenga with embroidery on the top, bottom, and dupatta borders.

5. Diwali florals and motifs

For Diwali, the renewed interest in floral prints and motifs might help you nail the perfect festive look. Whether it’s the half n half saree, the lehenga choli, Anarkali, etc., you can always find beautiful Diwali-ready dresses with florals and motifs of different patterns. 

What are the Diwali colors of fashion?

Colors might want to influence your fashion choice for Diwali; the best shades for this festive season will include white, magenta, purple,  and pastels like pink, lilac, and mustard.

The thing is, almost any bright color would make sense.

Sharara Style Dress for Diwali Celebrations

Sharara Style Dress for Diwali Celebrations

Along with choosing the right color of dresses, endeavor to keep your accessories game top-notch. Small tikka jewelry and choker are both fabulous. Our advice is always to be minimal for jewelry, especially when the dress is heavy on embroidery. Diwali is always a fun period. Staying fashionable during this festival should not be among your worries. At least not when you can key into these clothing trends in the Diwali festival to bring style and class to your Diwali fashion choice.

Outside of India, the annual Diwali is also celebrated in different countries from Pakistan to Nepal, Singapore, Malaysia, etc., with most of these governments often announcing gazetted holidays for the celebration.

Whether you’re celebrating or want to join in the celebration, this post discusses the best five Diwali festival clothing trends in outside India for you!

1.  Diwali Sarees

From plain sarees to multicolored sarees, embroidered sarees, and more, there are about a thousand and one ways/reasons to turn up in a saree for your next Diwali event.

Sarees are made for parties as much as they’ll fit into casual everyday wear.

And where the saree seems to have been elevated to formal wear status, you can still choose from some of the best silk sarees to add glamor to your look during the next Diwali celebration.

2.  Pakistani Shalwar Suits

Rich colors and unique embroidery are some of the hallmarks of Pakistani Shalwar suits.

And if you’re wondering what to wear during the next Diwali festival, you’re more than welcome to try one or more of these simple, classy, and elegant suits.

From cotton Shalwar suits to lawn suits and more, you can use the occasion of Diwali to jump on this bandwagon of trendy Pakistani suits that is taking the world by storm.

3.  Abaya-style Suits

You can choose from any of the various Abaya-style suits to mark the next Diwali.

From floor-length abaya suits to abaya-style Diwali Anarkali suits, these specially made dresses featuring embroidery works like Resham Work, Gota Patti, Lace, and Stone Work are as elegant as they come. If you’re looking for something simple but yet classy, these might be all you’ll ever need for your best Diwali look yet.

4.  Palazzo Pants

If you’re a fan of palazzos like many of us, you’ll never want to miss a chance to try these on at any given opportunity. You could pair palazzo pants with kurta shirts and other kinds of tops. They come in different colors, fabrics, and designs, and can be what you need to rock your next Diwali outing in style.

5.  Pastel Shades

The Indian  fashion scene is rife with bling and bright colors.

But you might want to go a different route when selecting the best dresses for Diwali. This is why we recommend hopping on these pastel shades trend that has been getting more popular recently. You can choose dresses from understated shades like dusty pink, baby blue, pista green, and similar colors.


There might be a thousand things to worry about when planning your next Diwali festival outside India. However, the best dress to wear for the day should not be one of those problems.

Up here, we have highlighted some of the best Diwali festival clothing trends that you can easily jump on. If you are looking to slay beautifully when the festival of lights comes up next, you’ll never go wrong with any of the ideas above.


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