January 21, 2022

Clothing Trends in Festivals: Top Indian Festival Fashion Trends

With such rich cultural diversity, it’s not surprising to see that India is the ‘headquarter’ of merriments and festivals spread throughout the year. From Diwali to Holi, Eid, Navrati, Lohri, Durga Puja, and more, the culture here is filled with celebrations and festivities where people wear Designer Indian Clothes.

The festival season is here, and we’re already gearing up for the fun and thrills.

If you’re like most people, you probably want to slay in cute outfits, looking ‘fierce’ whenever you step out. So, if this sounds like you, we’ve rounded up this collection of Indian festival-inspired fashion trends for India’s most celebrated festivals.

Top Diwali Fashion Trends

Diwali, also known as the festival of lights, is one of those times when everybody wants to look their best in the trendiest dresses. This festival brings people of different faiths together and is usually celebrated over a period of five days.

Enough with the expo - we just want to help you get your Diwali fashion fix, and here are the trendiest fashion ideas you can try;

  • Floral prints and motifs: Floral prints and motifs are the in-thing currently and might just be what you need to complete your Diwali-ready wardrobe. From organza designer sarees to lehengas and more, you’ll always find dresses with beautiful floral motifs to help you look as gorgeous as possible during and after the Diwali festival.
  • Gorgeous Anarkali dresses: Anarkali suits are always trendy, and they’ll never go out of style. You can choose from a diverse variety of Anarkali designs from Anarkali gowns to floral Anarkali, Cape Anarkali, Anarkali with pre-attached dupatta, palazzo Anarkali, all available in pastel colors and other beautiful hues.
  • Tikka jewelry and choker: When you’ve chosen the perfect Diwali dress, you’ll want to complement your outfit with the perfect jewelry set. We recommend going the minimalist route with this. Small tikka jewelry and choker necklace will easily do the magic here to add glamor to your appearance at Diwali.
Diwali Anarkali Suit for women

Diwali Anarkali Suit for women.

Navratri Festival Fashion Trends

The Navaratri Hindu festival is celebrated over nine nights and ten days during autumn.

For one of India’s most important festivals, you definitely want to make a bold celebratory statement with your choice of fashion. This is the essence of this guide, and here are our top picks of the hottest Navratri fashion trends to explore.

  • Lehenga with crop top: simple yet elegant, a lehenga paired with a crop top can help you achieve the perfect look for Navratri. You can always find beautifully embroidered lehengas choli in a variety of fabrics from silk to cotton and more.
  • Churidar and dupatta: Plain color churidar suits with dupattas can also help you achieve the festive look for Navratri. You can pair your dress with a banarasi dupatta, silk dupattas, or other beautiful dupattas with mirror work embroidery.
  • Palazzos: Palazzo does well with almost all other kinds of outfits if you’re trying to do away with salwars normal pants for Navratri.
  • Long flowy kurtas: These are the perfect dress for Navratri, especially for Garba parties with the girls!
  • Kundan jewelry to complement your Navratri outfit would make the most sense among the other accessories you’ll want to try.
Festive Mode Yellow Salwar Suit

Festive Style Yellow Salwar Suit

Eid’s Best Fashion Trends

Eid is muslim's biggest festival which probably explains why it’s such a big deal in India.

After fasting through the holy month of Ramadan, Indian Muslims cap that with a big celebration of Eid al-Fitr. If you’re already thinking about this year’s Eid fashion style, you can’t go wrong with these cool Eid festival fashion ideas for Indian women;

  • Salwar Kameez with pants: A salwar kameez is always perfect, but even just your kameez with beautifully embellished pants will help you own the spotlight when you step out in your Eid dress.
  • Sharara suits: You might also decide to go with a heavy sharara suit -one specially designed for big occasions like Eid. Georgette, satin or any of the other luxurious fabrics will be just perfect.
  • Wide-legged gharara: Unlike the sharara, which is also a wide-legged pant, the sharara flares out from just below the knee. This, paired with a kameez or kurta, can be your ultimate Eid attire for the year.
  • Gorgeous sarees: Good old sarees, only heavens know why they never go out of style. But they’re ever-beautiful, so you can understand why they’re always going to steal the show at any part from Eid to Holi and more.
Pakistani Suit for Women

Pakistani Suit for Women on Eid

Lohri Festival Clothing & Fashion Trends

Lohri is a big festival for Punjabis and the rest of the people in Northern India.

This festival is celebrated to mark the end of winter. Bonfires, food baskets, and dance parties are the order of the day during this festival. But being a fashionista, you want to look your best, here are the best fashion ideas for Lohri;

  • Stylish salwar suits: Salwar suits are great for almost every occasion, Lohri included. For Lohri, however, you’ll want to look at Punjabi suits like the printed ones and you’re not limited to any particular colors, too.
  • Palazzo and crop top: Spaghetti crop tops with flowy palazzos can help you achieve the perfect festive look for Lohri. This combo is super simple but absolutely classy.
  • Kurta and slim-fit pants: draped kurta paired with slim-fit pants are also some of the best styles for Lohri. If you’d like, you can still go ahead and layer this draped kurta with a waistcoat to accentuate the look. Think bold and beautiful!
Women in Saree for Lohri

Women in Saree for Lohri

Get ready to celebrate!

With lots of festivals to celebrate, choosing the best dresses and accessories might pose a challenge when there are just too many options to choose from.

Fortunately, you can follow the trends here that are currently winning hearts and turning heads across the length and breadth of India. Whether it’s Diwali time, Eid, Lohri, and just about any party that shows up on your calendar this year, you can always refer to this guide to help you ace your fashion game every darn time throughout the year.


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