November 18, 2021

Pakistani Lehenga Dresses: Everything You Should Know

Most Pakistani dresses are rich in color and design and a Lehenga manages to be stylish, graceful, and elegant at the same time. The gorgeous Pakistani Lehenga has to be one of such types of dresses that have won the hearts of Pakistani women.

The lehenga in its basic form is an ankle-length skirt. It is usually paired with a well-fitted blouse choli, complete with a dupatta. The lehenga is a popular choice among Pakistani women. The dress comes in different styles and designs and is even a popular choice for wedding dresses in Pakistan.

Pakistani Lehenga in Red Color

Embroidered Pakistani Lehenga in Red Color

Brief History of The Lehenga

How did the Lehenga dress become a prominent part of Pakistani Indian women’s fashion?

Well, legend has it that this dates back to the rule of the legendary Mughal Empire era. It was believed that the Lehenga was first worn during this period by women when it quickly gained prominence among women of different social strata during that era.

While much of the history of the lehenga has been lost over time, the dress remains a crowd’s favorite to this day. It is worn by many women across Pakistan for weddings, graduations, parties, special occasions, and all.

Pakistani Lehenga Styles & Buying Guide

They say every wardrobe needs a Lehenga and they’re right.

Whether it’s a simple lehenga you can wear to a friend’s graduation or an elaborately designed one you can wear for your Nikah, there’s always a Lehenga for every person, mood, and style.

To choose the right Lehenga, the onus is on you to ensure you choose the one perfect for your body and style needs. How to do this is exactly what this part of our guide focuses on. Here, we discuss four common types of Lehenga for Pakistani women;

  1. Fish-cut Lehenga - this lehenga is designed in the shape of a fish with - well-fitted waist and hip regions that then flares out at the knee region. This is perfect if you have an hourglass figure you’d like to flaunt or for the prewedding events.
  2. Lehenga Saree - this is a variation of both the Lehenga and a Saree. It’s basically a pre pleated saree with a Lehenga-like flare at the bottom.
  3. Anarkali Lehenga - this Lehenga style is more modern than most, often designed with the skirt and blouse stitched together. The top may feature different sleeves and neckline designs while the skirt usually sports an A-line silhouette like the ones in Anarkali kurtas.
  4. Sharara Lehenga - this Lehenga features a slightly longer top that looks more like a Kurti and loose flared bottom pants instead of a skirt.

With modest and conservative dressing being an unspoken rule in Pakistan, all of these types of Lehenga outfits fit the bill if you’re looking for something as beautiful as it’s modest. If you’re buying a Lehenga online, however, do ensure you choose a design that’s good enough for your body type. Also, ensure you get the right size and fit so this can look perfect on you.

Bride Wearing Pakistani Lehenga

A Bride Wearing Pakistani Lehenga

The Lehenga has a great appeal among Muslim brides in Pakistan who often cannot resist the grace and elegance that comes with this dress. It can also help you nail your style and look on other days and occasions from graduations to parties and more. It’s a beautiful Pakistani dress that continues to wow women in Pak and across the world.

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