June 24, 2022

Pakistani Women’s Clothing Trends for Different Occasions & Ceremonies

The Pakistani woman has an abundance of choices available to her when it comes to picking the right outfits for different occasions. But this availability of too many choices can lead to frustrations and confusion choosing a dress for any occasion even if a dress code was given. This is why we want to discuss Pakistani clothing trends for different occasions.

There is a kind of style of dressing that fits every kind of occasion.

While the workplace dress code might require something formal or business casual, putting on a pair of skinny jeans while you’re heading to work will look oddly out of place. So, you have to understand the mood of every occasion so you can always nail your dressing. In this article, we discuss some of the most special occasions in Pakistan along with the most fitting and trendiest outfits for each one below!

Pakistani Dress in Red Color

Pakistani Dress in Red Color

Pakistani clothing trends for weddings

In Pakistan and elsewhere, a wedding is one of the biggest occasions we celebrate.

What you wear for a Pakistani wedding will depend on whether you’re the bride or a guest.

● Pakistani bridal dresses

For brides-to-be, your options of wedding dresses can range from wedding Anarkali frocks, bridal ghagra, lehenga choli, bridal sarees, and other kinds of floor-length frocks.

● Pakistani wedding dress fabric

Wedding dresses for Pakistani brides can also be made from fabric options that range from silk to chiffon, cambric, velvet, net, organza, crepe, and rayon, among others. And because the bride has to look her best and feel like a princess on this auspicious day, her dress will usually be embellished with anything from pearls to zari, crystals, stones, zircon, beads, sequin, etc.

● Bridal dress favorite colors

Colors also range from red to maroon as prominent colors while golden, pink, peach shades, orange, and light gray can also feature.

How about if you’re a guest at a Pakistan birthday?

Wedding guests also have plenty of options to choose from.

Family members of the bride often make do with the sharara dresses in colorful shades. Other female guests can try everything from colorful sarees to lehenga suits as well as gharara or sharara.

Pakistani Women Wearing Blue Suit

Pakistani Women Wearing Blue Suit

Pakistan festival clothing trends

Pakistan is a land of festivities.

While the Muslim majority population celebrates Eid as one of its biggest festivals, other festivals like Diwali is still held in the country every other year. So, what can you wear to these festivals? We look at these here;

● Eid festival clothing trends

For Eid, Pakistani women have a range of options from shalwar to sarees.

While the shalwar suits are always going to be the first option, lehenga choli dresses are also just as perfect for Eid. Kurta shirts, especially those with floral prints and patterns, as well as lawn and chiffon dresses, along with designer sarees can never go out of fashion for women who want to stay beautiful and elegant during the Eid celebrations.

A Light Color Pakistani Suit

A Light Color Pakistani Suit

Office wear clothing trends in Pakistan

Pakistani women make up a significant part of the nation’s labor force. So, it makes sense that there is enough formal wear for them when they go to work.

If you’re a working woman in Pakistan often battling with choosing office wear, your options can range from the regular kurta and shalwar along with a dupatta or scarf, to other kinds of dresses, whatever rocks your hair!

Still on ethnic Indian dresses, you might also incorporate a saree into your workwear. While you necessarily don’t need a heavy saree, something light, like cotton, for instance, would do just fine. They look more professional than most. If you’re also thinking Western, a blazer or t-shirt with jeans or a pair of pants are all just as fine. 

Party Wear trends in Pakistan for women

While there are different parties and events you might want to go to from graduation parties to dinner parties, and corporate events, the kind of dress will mostly be semi-formal.

Party Wear Pakistani suits are always going to be perfect for most of these occasions. And the same holds for lehengas, sarees, and Anarkali suits. But you can also do a mix of Eastern and Western, depending on the mood and tone of the event in question.


They say you have to dress the way you want to be addressed.

So, while we’d rather not judge a book by its cover, it’s common knowledge that people often form their first impressions and opinions about you partially based on what vibes your dressing and appearance give off.

Wherever you are going and whatever you are doing, it’s always great to be dressed nice and well without looking oddly out of place. This is only possible when you can understand what kind of dress fits which kind of event. That is the essence of this article as we broke down the different fashion trends for different events in Pakistan. Hopefully, this will help you nail your look and outfit henceforth, whenever you have to show up anywhere, no matter the kind of event.

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