August 25, 2021

Significance of Mehndi Ceremony

One of the highlight celebrations of an Indian wedding is the mehndi ceremony. Once the bride receives the Mehndi or Henna from the groom, the celebrations begin. The wedding celebrations begin with the Mehndi ceremony.

Bride in a Mehndi Ceremony

Indian Bride in a Mehndi Ceremony

A wedding in India is no less than a festival. From the Roka ceremony, Engagement, Mehndi ceremony, Sangeet night to the Wedding and Cocktail ceremony, the celebrations are all about extravagance and grandeur. Mehndi ceremony is no less. Her hands and legs are decorated with henna to bring good luck for the new beginning. It is also considered a part of the solah sringaar for the bride. The bride's friends, sisters, aunts, and mother gather around her to apply henna to their hands during this ceremony.

Latest Mehndi Designs for Bride & Groom 

Modern brides are very particular about their Mehndi designs. In addition to Arabic and Rajasthani designs, different patterns for Mehndi are popular among modern brides. Besides adorning her hands with Mehndi designs depicting flowers, checkers, leaves, paisleys, and tendrils, the bride-to-be also wears henna designs that depict peacocks.

Indian Women Traditional Mehndi Ceremony

Indian Women Traditional Mehndi Ceremony

One of the traditional wedding rituals is to have the groom’s name written on the bride’s hand. This symbolizes their unification and togetherness. In several Indian cultures, the groom-to-be also adorns his hand with henna. 

Mehndi Ceremony Dresses for Brides

Many families today combine this function with the Sangeet ceremony, which doubles the fun. For such a vibrant and lively event, brides and grooms must wear colorful and stunning attire. Grooms wear kurta pajamas most of the time. A bride-to-be, on the other hand, spends exhaustive hours selecting her Mehndi ceremony dress. A lehenga is still the go-to outfit of the bride, but she can also opt for an Anarkali dress or a jumpsuit for a more contemporary look. At Fabricoz, you’ll find designer Mehndi ceremony dresses in exotic colour palettes and latest designs and embroideries. 

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