November 12, 2021

Evolving Styles & Trends in Anarkali Suits

Anarkali is the most trending style of salwar kameez. Anarkali suits are characterized by long frock-style kurtas paired with trousers. This magnificent ethnic wear silhouette originated in Mughal times. The silhouette is named after the renowned courtesan named Anarkali during the Mughal Empire. This is one of the most-loved salwar kameez styles which has undergone immense evolution over time.

The Anarkali suit is one of the top favorites among Indian women’s dresses. This gorgeous and dazzling dress is a variation of the Salwar Kameez usually featuring a frock-style long top and a slim-fit bottom part.

Anarkali dresses range from floor-length styles to knee-length and usually feature simple to intricate embroideries, depending on your preference. It oozes royalty, beauty, and elegance, and easily helps bring out the beauty in most women.

The traditional silhouette of Anarkali suits has undergone numerous changes over the years. Originally, an Anarkali kurta was knee-length, but evolving trends led to the outfit's transformation. Among the most popular anarkali suits in the fashion world are the churidar anarkali, the layered anarkali, the jacket anarkali, the floor length anarkali, the palazzo anarkali, and the gown anarkali.

This traditional silhouette exudes elegance and grace. For the past decade, fashion designers have transformed this suit into a gorgeous outfit that has become everyone's go-to outfit for every celebration.

Anarkali Suit in Yellow Color

An Anarkali Suit in Yellow Color

Anarkali – Perfect Ethnic Wear for Celebrations

Women of all ages, shapes, and sizes look stunning in anarkali suits because of their unmatched opulence. Its elegant frock style kurta, exquisite embroidery work along the yoke, and intricately embellished hem along with a gracefully draped dupatta give it an extremely rich look. This makes it the perfect outfit for any celebration.

Every kind of festive occasion can be marked by the wearing of an Anarkali suit. From wedding sangeets to Diwali dress ups, sister's haldi ceremonies to puja ceremonies. Women prefer to wear the flamboyantly designed Anarkali suits for formal occasions, such as weddings. Styles such as jacket style Anarkali, palazzo style Anarkali, and gown style Anarkali are among the ones that are immensely popular for weddings.

Anarkali suits have received a sophisticated look from designers who have experimented well with their fabric, shape, and embellishments. A number of fabrics are used to weave Anarkali suits, such as georgette, chiffon, and crepe. Traditionally, Anarkali suits are made of lush fabric like silk, brocade and velvet and are selected by the bride for her wedding trousseau. A rich zari work and fine thread embroidery add a royal look to this outfit.

The seamless transition from Anarkali suit to gown has also made Anarkali suits popular among women of all ages. This style combines traditional and modern dressing beautifully. While it has undergone numerous alterations, the Anarkali gown remains the most popular.

Bollywood movies have also been instrumental in increasing the popularity of this regal outfit along with fashion designers.

Women in a red Anarkali

A Women in a Red Anarkali

Iconic Bollywood Anarkali Look

Mughal-e-Azam is the Bollywood movie that immediately comes to everyone's mind when we say Anarkali. The actress Madhubala beautifully portrayed the character of the courtesan Anarkali, dressed in beautiful Anarkali suits. With its flared look, the kurta enhanced the look of the silhouette, making it suitable for all body types.

One of the iconic looks that made Anarkali suits so popular was Madhuri Dixit's Chandraukhi in Devdas.  Anarkali suits caught the attention of the public again when Sonam Kapoor portrayed them in Saawariya.

Anarkali suits are the perfect choice if you can't decide what to wear for any special occasion.

History - How Anarkalis Came To Be

Anarkalis have a long history that’s usually traced back to the courts of the legendary Mughal Empire era. The dress is believed to have gotten its name from the legendary Anarkali, the charmingly beautiful courtesan from that era.

During the Mughal Empire era, the Mughal courtesans were often brought in to entertain Mughal kings with dance. One of such dance forms was the Mujra, usually performed a floor-length dress known as the Mujra dress. That dress later became known as the Anarkali Dress in honor of Anarkali who’s probably the most legendary courtesan from that era.

During that period, it was symbolic of royalty, beauty, and sophistication, and still is. Anarkalis then were made using special fabric, as one of the special types of Salwar Kameez. Over time, they became a common theme at big festivals and occasions.

Lady Anarkali is believed to have charmed and dazzled most of the men who came across her, including Prince Salim. That these dresses were named in honor of such a legendary beauty speaks volume of just how beautiful the people of that era thought these dresses were.

Anarkali Styles & Trends - Choosing The Best

Today’s Anarkali suits have evolved greatly from the Mujra dresses that charmed princes and royals within the courts of India’s legendary Mughal kings. They now come in different lengths and feature diverse styles and patterns for every taste and personality.

Pink Anarkali with Embroidery Work

A Pink Anarkali with Embroidery Work

If you’re in the market for Anarkali suits, you can always choose from one or more of these beautiful Anarkali suit varieties that include;

  • Lehenga style Anarkali suits
  • Jacket style Anarkali suits
  • Overlayer style Anarkali suit, and
  • Abaya Anarkali salwar suit 

You can choose from Anarkalis with different neckline designs such as a V-neck type for women with short to medium height.

Flared Anarkali suits also look superb on tall women with hourglass body shapes while the less flared ones are more suitable for those in the short and petite categories.

Anarkali embellishments and embroidery come in different types and when they’re heavily embroidered, they won’t need all that many accessories to style.

Anarkalis can be made with different fabric types with cotton and silk being the most common.

And while they’re a good fit for parties, the heavily embroidered ones are also guaranteed to serve their roles perfectly as bridal Anarkalis for brides that want to feel royal and regal on their big day. This makes sense!

Anarkalis have come a long way since winning the hearts and kings of ancient times. To this day, these Indian dresses for women still keep winning the hearts of billions of women in India and the world at large. They’re everything you want when you need to style yourself to look royal, classy, elegant, and beautiful, all at once!

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