December 07, 2020

What Are The Different Types and Designs of Salwar Suits?

One of the essential outfits that every Indian girl own is Salwar Kameez. The three-piece ethnic wear is never out of fashion and works nicely for every occasion. It's highly appreciated because of its versatile character.

A simple salwar with minimal embroidery can be considered as every day wear, whereas an intricately embellished one using a massive motif is best for any event or function. It can be worn with jeans to create a comfortable and sophisticated look. This type of clothing has always been the fashion statement for women of India.

Salwar kameez has been worn for centuries. Nowadays, women can wear these clothes to the office, school, and college. The main advantage of wearing a salwar kameez is that they are comfortable to wear and do not take much effort to keep clean.

History of Salwar Kameez

The Salwar Kameez is among the most favored garments for countless girls throughout Asia. Their demand has significantly improved because they are adaptable and accessible. This apparel is popular because of the assortment of styles, materials, and colors comes in.

Furthermore, it's acceptable for each event. As an example, you can wear a simple patterned salwar kameez to a party and a fancy one to get a wedding. It's a top of varying length that's known by various names in various cultures and regions.

It was originated in the Mughal Empire. This conventional apparel was worn at Punjab, from where it afterward went on to be very popular in India. Later on, it was adopted as a school uniform for women in India and other South Asian countries.

Best Design For Salwar Kameez

The design of the Salwar Kameez depends on the type of cloth and the occasion. If you are wearing them for casual occasions, then the design would not be different from the usual Khali or Punjabi designs.

If you are going to a formal event, then the color combination can be changed according to the occasion. For example, if you are going to a wedding, then you can go for a rich red, white or a deep blue.

You can even create your own style in the modern era and choose the best Salwar Kameez designs of your choice. The modern designs have changed the traditional designs and are made in many new ways. It looks more chic and elegant than the other types of clothes. It gives you an easy elegance.

The most popular colors of Salwar Kameez are Khaki, Khadni, Jodhpur, Patiala, Rajasthan Red, Khurana, Kala Daula, Kashmir Blue, Nainital Green, Poona, Rasgar Green, Sindhi Red, Sindhi White, South Kufri, Sindhi Orange, and Turban Green. There are other shades like Charcoal, Tanska, Bikaner, Khajuri, Khora, Sarpagandha, and Khasarga.

Although They come innumerable styles and designs. Here are the 8 different types of salwar kameez designs you should try your hand on:

1. Anarkali Style

Designer Anarkali suits have captured the Indian clothing markets because of its amazing looks. The frock design kameez will cover up the upper portion of the body. Not having side cut adds more to the general shape of the suit. Floor-length Anarkali became the most popular fashion in the year 2017. These days Anarkali with asymmetrical hem is much more in demand.

Floor-length Anarkali suits in georgettes are bringing a great deal of attention nowadays. Not just for regular wear, but this ensemble has become the best option for girls for both weddings and formal affairs.
Anarkali Style

2. Palazzo Style

Palazzo is a loose pant which can be worn with salwar. The flowing pattern gives you relaxation. The casual feel of the palazzo made it trendy. This type of dress is not suited for girls of short height. In case you have an average height or taller, then palazzo-style is a fantastic style for you.
Palazzo Style

3. Short Kurta

This outfit was a fashion mantra for girls in reel and real life. This apparel is an ideal mix of conventional and modern looks. Girls can finish this look by simply including a scarf or some colored dupatta for their dress.

Short kurtas paired with Patiala and dhoti fashion salwars are among the hottest wedding dresses for girls in Punjab.
Short Kurta

4. Conventional Salwar

The first design of the salwar consisted of a broad lower with many discs tapered at the base. Both women and men wore it. Following the emergence of leggings, girls stopped wearing traditional salwar.

They really are the perfect outfit for women of all shapes and sizes. Medium or short height girls can pick a kameez that doesn't go past their knees.
Conventional Salwar

5. Patiala Style

This style has many layers of pleats at the bottom, which create a fuller shape from the lower section of their body. If you are skinny, the Patiala will surely come to your rescue. Even women with a thick lower body will look their best in Patiala style, as it provides more flare to kurties.
Patiala Style

6. Front Slit Style

It is ideal for tall women and girls. The frontal part includes sliced diving the kameez into two parts. The middle part of this salwar is visible through the opening. High-slit salwar highlights your body and adds additional length to your physique. If you are shorter in height you need to wear high-heel.
Front Slit Style

7. Cigarette Salwar Kameez

This is a brand new addition to the pant style salwar kameez. It is very similar to slim-slit pants. It closely covers your thighs. You're able to look sleek and fashionable in the cigarette salwar kameez or select one which ends on the anklet.
Cigarette Salwar Kameez

8. Knee-Length Suits

Girls really like to wear regular salwar suits every day. This daily wear appearance can be paired with distinct dhoti, trousers, or pants.

Rather than a Patiala salwar, you can wear for palazzo pants and churidars together with kurtis. Along with this, an individual can select kurtas with embroidery and work done on the sleeves and neck.
Knee-Length Suits


These are some of the major types of Salwar Kameez. There are many more types, but these are the ones that have the maximum popularity. You can search the Internet for a complete set of information on the various salwars and choose the one according to your style, occasion, and requirement.

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