March 25, 2021

Styles of Contemporary Lehenga Choli

India is the land of numerous faiths and festivals. Every woman looks for traditional clothes to wear during the festival season, and there is a wide range of ethnic clothes available nowadays. Lehenga, however, is undoubtedly the popular clothing, which is favorite and equally fashionable of all-time. If you're shopping for ethnic wear, either for festivals or special occasions, Lehenga shopping will not be missed. You can prefer to wear the Lehenga choli to flare up your ethnic clothing to add glamour to your appearance.

A lehenga is one of the traditional Indian dresses . This is a strikingly stunning outfit with a skirt and blouse set and a dupatta accompanying it. The Lehenga or skirt may be flared, panelled, A-line, etc. The printing and embellishments rendered on the Lehenga are very stylish and beautiful. The choli is the set's blouse, which could be in different styles again. Choli with short sleeves, sleeveless, or even ruffled sleeves. Another significant feature of the style of choli is the collar. Deep cuts make the choli very attractive on the front and back. With the Lehenga, a dupatta can be worn that can be straightforward or intensely embroidered. A Ladies Lehenga Choli Designs is a beautiful outfit that has been part of the wardrobe of Indian women for years.

Lehengas' Features:

Lehenga comes in different styles. The Lehenga's primary features are,

  • Lehengas can be flared, panelled, A-line, trail, mermaid, etc. Each of these types brings comfort to the wearer.
  • Choli may be long or short. Typically, the long kurta style choli has a front slit.
  • With deep cuts and strings attached, the Choli style on the back is trendy.
  • The patterns of Lehenga choli can be used in different materials such as silk, georgette, chiffon, etc.

What fabrics are used for Lehengas:

For Lehengas, it is possible to use any fabric. Cotton, silk, crepe, georgette, and even chiffon are the most common ones. For ladies, cotton and silk fabrics work well for lehenga choli. As they are embellished with beads and sequins, the heavy designs use silk, crepe, and net materials. Typically, Lehenga design patterns use fabrics that look rich and vibrant. Ghagra choli fit well with bright colors, giving a nice finish to fabrics such as silk and even crepe.

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How to select the right Lehenga:

For all body shapes, most Lehenga dress models work. Without much effort, the flare of the Lehenga helps the individual to look stylish. The flared and double-flared lehengas fit wonderfully for slim figures. If you are on the stout side, as this focuses on the lower body portion, try the A-line lehengas. For women with heavy upper bodies, the long kurta type of choli is more comfortable to wear. With short cuts and a deep neck style, slim body ladies can opt for choli. As in Lehenga, a wide range of styles, designs, hues, and patterns are available. Therefore, there are different types of Lehenga that you should consider:

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A-Line Lehenga

The beautiful and trendy A-line lehenga is right for the ethnic yet modern look. The lehenga hemline makes it more elegant and gives the impression of a flare. While matching this beautiful Lehenga, you can wear it in style with a statement blouse. Go for the stylish mix of pink and peach colors in this type of Lehenga,

Sharara Cut Lehenga

In the Indian fashion industry at present, the stylish sharara lehenga is high in demand. A vast number of styles and designs in sharara cut Lehenga, which has an elegant palazzo with a loose hem. On festivals and occasions with statement jewellery, you may wear the sharara cut Lehenga.

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Straight Cut Lehenga

The skirt is long and straight in the form of the straight cut lehenga, which has no kind of flare. Due to its versatility on any form of the body, one of the most common choices for Lehenga is straight cut. You may opt to wear a crop-top designer blouse with a straight cut lehenga.

Jacket Style Lehenga

Of course, except for the jacket, there's nothing different about this form of Lehenga that adds a wow factor to your entire couture and personality. In jacket style lehenga, there's a long loose style jacket, which has an intricate embroidery work with subtle detailing. To look new and sassy, pick up this Lehenga style, and leave everyone with a long-lasting impression.

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Saree type Lehenga

There's an illusion of a saree look in this type of Lehenga, but it's merely a lehenga. With the draping style of the dupatta, which we usually do in the saree, the saree's illusion comes. However, this is much better than a saree because you can easily wear this type of Lehenga without any hassle. Moreover, the icing on the cake is undoubtedly the flare of this trendy Lehenga.

Panelled Lehenga

There are some classy panels attached to this Lehenga at the end of the flare. The panels are used to raise the volume of the flare at the end of the hemline and incorporate a contrasting pattern for a glamorous look. On special tasks or special days, you can easily wear it.

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Fishtail Lehenga

The sleek and classy flare of the mermaid lehenga is merely irresistible. Besides, fishtail lehenga is suitable for girls or ladies looking for attire to accentuate their curves. There is an easy suggestion to pair the blouse or choli to go with the short-halter neck style blouse, and even if you don't wear the accessory, you'll look great in it.

Broad Flared Lehenga

The large flared Lehenga is one of the most traditional and conventional types of Lehenga. However, it is impossible to ignore the large flare and distinctive look of this stylish yet ethnic Lehenga, especially if it is available in remarkable design and hues. The mixture of off white and various colours in it is nowadays very trendy and popular.

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What are the occasions to wear Lehenga?

For any occasion, such as a house party or festival, a simple lehenga choli design can be worn. For formal occasions, the more complicated lehengas are worn. The lehengas that are extensively embroidered come in silk material and are rich in style. These may also be bridal wear. You should wear it for receptions, festivals, and other significant occasions as well. For a particular reason, each type of Lehenga is used. Recently, Lehenga has been turned into contemporary garments that suit the style of the modern woman. So, shop and enjoy the day with a lehenga package for different ceremonies.


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