February 12, 2021

Amazing Collection of Various Types of Indian Sarees

India is known for its traditional wear, but undoubtedly nothing matches the elegance of saree. Saree is known for its simplicity and grace that it adds to the personality of any women. Not only women, but young girls love to wear saree. One can carry saree on a basic event to a big event. Adding a few statement jewellery pieces will make a simple saree beautiful. These days many known bloggers and influencers do experiments with saree by trying it with some western cloth items and jewellery. You can pair a simple saree with long boots, which looks super trendy and classy. Many people have followed this trend and many have rocked this look.


India has people of different cultures and traditions. And saree is a very common traditional Indian dress carried by everyone. Every culture has its kind of saree style and it varies depending on the basis of the fabric, work and the way they drape it. Every Indian saree has its own grace, and everyone has its own way to style it. There is a pleat less Bengali, Oriya style, a two-piece Malayali saree and so on. Saree is one of the oldest and the most followed Indian dress and is loved by everyone. Also, many foreigners travel to India to explore the culture and many women get fascinated by the charm of the saree. No one can stop themselves to try this graceful outfit. No matter the body type, color etc, it suits everyone and every body type or shape. There are many types of beautiful saree such as tie-dye bandhani, chandheri saree; silk saree which includes banarsi, Kanchipuram and list is never-ending. The delicate hand detailing or weaving or block-printing etc on the saree enhances the look and personality of the women. You need to invest in all the types of saree if you have a saree fetish.


Following are some known types of saree you must have in your wardrobe:

Banarasi silk saree

- This saree is basically from Varanasi. This saree is known for its shiny texture and bright colors. The golden and silver intricate detailing gives it a royal look. You can carry this with a heavy Kundan choker and matching danglers. You can carry it on a wedding function, on a family party etc.

Bandhani saree

- This saree is made from a special technique of filling the saree with the color dots. You can get a bandhani saree in chiffon, cotton, silk, georgette etc. This saree is not very heavy so you this is the perfect choice during summers. This tie-dye saree is especially from Gujarat and many women prefer to wear this saree during Navratri.

Kasavu saree

- This saree is basically from Kerala and is a simple white cotton saree with the golden border on it. This is an iconic saree which promotes simplicity and tradition. This is the perfect choice from small events. You can try its different colors of the blouse.

Tant saree

- The fabric of this saree is a bit rigid from the other saree. This is from West Bengal and this crisp cotton saree is best for summers. You can wear it in Durga puja, Diwali etc. Style it with heavy jewellery to rock the look.

Muga saree

- This silk saree is from Assam and is a bit expensive because it is made from the silkworm. Using silkworm and weaving technique make this a piece of art and will upgrade your wardrobe. This saree has a sheen look and is very durable.

Pochampally saree

- This saree is specially woven in the Telangana. The unique feature in this saree is its lines patterns and attractive color scheme. The base of the saree is the mix of cotton and silk. The silk adds a lustrous shine and is a perfect choice to get together family functions and parties. This will undoubtedly grab the attention of many people.

Chanderi saree

- These sarees add a statement look into your personality. This is normally famous in Madhya Pradesh. The design on this saree can be a floral print, geometric, peacock patterns etc. This is best suitable for big functions.

Paithani saree

- This saree is woven with fine silk and the borders have unique square designs and the pallu has intricate peacock design. These have bright colors and are very lightweight. This saree is knitted with the two different silk threads together.

Leheriya saree

- This saree is made from the tie-dye technique in Rajasthan. This is perfect for summers and you can even carry it on a regular basis as it is very light and is not heavy on the budget. This has basically stripes and waves patterns.

Kanjeevaram saree

- This is one of the famous sarees which everyone should have in their wardrobe. This saree from Tamil Nadu is known for its bright colors and temple pattern design. This saree definitely have a ‘wow factor’ in it. This is a mouth-dropping saree and one will be flooded with thousands of compliments.

Chikankari saree

- This Lucknow famous saree is just like art which can thread embroidery on the muslin cloth. These days you can find chikankari on other fabrics as well.

Phulkari saree

- These sarees are well known in Punjab. The patterns are basically the flower patterns as Phul means flowers. This is a traditional saree and you can find it in fabrics like cotton, khadi etc with silk thread.


So, above are some of the famous sarees you need to have in your wardrobe. Every saree carries its own elegance and grace. You can carry it with different styles and pair it with gold, silver and diamond jewellery. Choose the saree which suits and brings out your personality. Know your style before buying any saree because your personal element is necessary. When it comes to maintenance, get the saree dry clean especially the ones which have delicate and intricate work on it. Proper maintenance will increase the shelf life of the saree and will maintain its shine.

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