November 30, 2020

8 Latest Lehenga Designs of 2020

India is the nation of various festivals and religions. Throughout the festival period, every girl looks for traditional clothing to wear and there is a huge array of such clothes available today. But, a Lehenga is undoubtedly the most loved traditional Indian clothing of all time.

If you're searching for the traditional wear for festivals or special events, then you can't overlook the lehenga. To add elegance to your appearance, you need Lehenga choli to flare your ethnic dressing wardrobe.

Because there is a wide selection of styles, designs, and colors offered in lehenga, therefore, here is the curated Collection of top 8 lehenga designs of 2020 that you can consider while lehenga shopping.

1. Sharara lehenga

The fashionable sharara lehenga is in demand because of its unique style. From the simple dress to some designer, there is a massive assortment of styles in sharara lehenga, which comes with an elegant palazzo that has a loose hem.

You can wear a sharara cut lehenga on festivals and any special events. You can also pair your lehenga with simple jewelry.
Sharara lehenga

2. A-line Lehenga

Now again, if you're an Indian or possess an Indian acquaintance, then you have to have heard the term A-line. The A-line design was just like very popular throughout our mom s' times, which is back in the 80s.

But, it is back in the fashion trends of the 2020s. It can both conventional and contemporary depending on the kind of cuts and fabric. The exquisite and fashionable A-line lehenga is known for its cultural yet modish appearance. The hemline of this lehenga makes it increasingly glamorous and produces a stunning look.

This kind of lehenga is most suitable for pear-shaped, hourglass and tall ordered bodies as with all the A-line hemline; it cinches in the waist and flares because it moves towards the floor. But in case you've got an apple shape or rectangular shape, then it isn't suitable for you.

You can wear this gorgeous lehenga with a simple blouse. Go for the tasteful peach and pink color combination with this lehenga fashion!
A-line Lehenga

3. Straight Cut Lehenga

Here, the skirt is straight and long, which does not have any form of flare. The skirt has a straight cut that drops along the curves go well with nearly all body types. With this lehenga, you may opt to wear a crop-top type designer blouse.

This lehenga is perfect for those who don't like fluff, ghera, or pleats in the skirt. It's most appropriate for women with hourglass, rectangular, and apple-shaped figure.
Straight Cut Lehenga

4. Saree Lehenga

This fashion of semi saree and semi lehenga is gaining enormous attention in vogue weeks and is equally elegant and modern.

In addition, it can be considered a very low flare A-line lehenga. Bride's mom or the aunties arriving at weddings may also be viewed donning this new style apparel.

The best part is that in the event that you do not wish to purchase one, then you can flip your usual lehenga into one using only the dupatta being draped just like a saree and sew! You're prepared to rock the appearance.

In the saree style lehenga, there is an illusion of a saree appearance, but it is really a lehenga. The illusion of saree includes all the draping of the dupatta, which we typically see in a saree.

Nonetheless, this is much superior to saree since you are able to use this kind of lehenga comfortably with no hassle. In addition, the flare of the fashionable lehenga is unquestionably icing on the cake.
Saree Lehenga

5. Jacket Style Lehenga

Obviously, there is nothing different in this kind of lehenga except a coat or jacket, which will add a wow factor to your style. In this lehenga, there is a long loose jacket, which includes an elaborate embroidery work with nice detailing. To seem distinct and sassy, pick this stylish lehenga and make a lasting impression on the others.
Jacket Style Lehenga

6. Parallel Lehenga

As its name implies, this lehenga design has flat panels stitched across the flare of this lehenga. Due to a lot of panels in the lehenga, the volume of lehenga increases and consequently enhances the elegance and appearance. This lehenga design is most suitable for both hourglass, pear-shaped, and petite body types.

At the lehenga's end, there are a few classy panels attached. The panels are utilized at the close of the hemline to bring a contrasting design for a glamorous appearance. It easily wears it on particular functions or special occasions.
Parallel Lehenga

7. Fishtail or Mermaid Style Lehenga

You must have heard about the mermaid or fishtail design lehenga. The elegant flare of this mermaid lehenga is completely irresistible. What's more, fishtail lehenga is ideal for those women or women that are searching for the apparel to accentuate their curves.

For blouse or choli, you can wear a short-halter neck fashion blouse, and even if you don't wear the jewelry, it will still look amazing.
Fishtail or Mermaid Style Lehenga

8. Flared lehenga (aka lehenga skirt with a lot of Ghera)

Among the very traditional fashion of lehenga is wide flared lehenga. On the other hand, the extensive flare and distinctive look of the stylish yet cultural lehenga cannot be dismissed, particularly if it's offered in remarkable colors.

A widely flared skirt with a ring in the hemline is ideal if you adore volume and pleats, then that fashion is right for you. The blend of off white and numerous colors in the lehenga is trendy and hot today.

Thus, you can select and pick this magnificent bit of outfit to create a style statement and finish off the look with jewelry.

Since the lehenga skirt twirls nicely and creates a complete circle, usually flowy fabrics are favored. It's most appropriate for small intimate purposes like participation, mehndi, sangeet as well as haldi or in case you have some other purpose very similar to these.

This lehenga style isn't suited to individuals having smaller waists rather best suited to apple, pear-shaped, hourglass and rectangle-shaped bodies.
Flared lehenga

Final Though

Henceforth, these were a few of the exquisite and intriguing lehenga styles of 2020. You can wear it on special events or festivals, particularly with an ideal purse, elegant accessory, and most of all, stylish footwear. Do not worry and search for your favorite lehenga now with Fabricoz online fashion store.

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