January 30, 2021

Types of Lehenga Choli to Flaunt Any Occasion

No Indian occasion or function is complete without the lehenga choli attire. Every girl loves wearing and flaunting it. Lehenga choli is a traditional outfit in India but it has evolved over the years. When it comes to lehenga choli, you will find plenty of options in it. One can choose according to their style and comfort. The blend of modern and traditional touch in the lehenga choli has made it the first choice of every woman. These are super easy to carry and you will feel comfortable. Designers these days have come up with amazing styles and designs that no one can resist them from wearing them.


India is full of festivals and lehenga is always the right choice no matter what the occasion is. Also, when it comes to ethnic  Indian dresses , lehenga choli is always on the top. No wedding is done without the girl wearing the lehenga choli. Carrying the lehenga choli in the right way will always look elegant. Styling it with the right jewellery and draping the dupatta in a certain manner will always look good. Also, it is necessary to know your body shape and your complexion to choose the right shaped lehenga and the right colour. Choosing the right shape lehenga will always help in hiding your flaws and accentuate your curves. So, choose one which goes according to your shape and highlights the right features on the body. Also, do not forget to invest in one which is an evergreen type because it is pretty obvious if you go towards the trendy one, you won’t be able to re-wear it after years.

lehenga lehenga

When it comes to lehenga choli, you will see it in many types of fabrics, styles, patterns, and shape. The choice totally depends upon your preferences and your body type. So before buying, make sure to know about the lehenga. Following points will help you to get a glimpse of the same:

1. A-line shape lehenga

This 70-80s style lehenga is one of the best lehengas. This type of lehenga has made the way again in the trendy list. The reason behind its popularity is how efficiently it can give a modern and a traditional look at the same time. So, this is suitable for all girls and women. This is best for the ones who have hip as it will create an illusion of small waistline as it goes flairy till the bottom. This is an ideal option for the tall girls having hourglass or pear shape body.

2. The classic gher

This is the most traditional one which has flairs in the skirt. It will shape in the round when you will twirl around. The fabric is not very heavy in this type of lehenga as the heavy fabric will not form into the flair. This is best suited for hourglass, rectangular shape, pear shape body etc. Slim girls should avoid this as this will make them look more petite.

3. The sharara cut lehenga

The sharara cut lehenga is in demand these days. This lehenga has gained high popularity in the fashion industry. This is just like the usual palazzo but with a loose hem. You can pair it with short choli, knee-length top and even with high-length kameez. It will look elegant with everything. For a wedding function, you can pair the outfit with a choker and a pair of jhumkas and a paasa on the head. It will give you a unique look. This lehenga suits every body shape.

4. Straight cut lehenga

If you prefer to have a simple lehenga with fewer flares, this is the right option for you. This lehenga has a straight shape and does not have any flare. This is best suited for the girls who want a simple lehenga for the occasion. You can pair this up with the crop top or short blouse.

5. Jacket style lehenga

This style of lehenga has a unique style where you get a long jacket with fine detailing. You can wear it on the matching short blouse. You can close it from the front or leave it open, according to your preferences. This looks very beautiful and leaves a long-lasting impression on others. Avoid carrying heavy jewellery with this one. You can go for big danglers and a few bangles to complete the look. This looks great on all the body types. The slim girls can go for flairy jacket to look full figure whereas the busty girls can go for the straight jacket to accentuate the curves.

6. Drape style lehenga

This lehenga gives you the look of the saree as the dupatta is attached with the lehenga and you have to drape the dupatta as the pallu. This is easy to style as you can easily carry it without any hassle. Saree is difficult to pleat and handle buy you can satisfy your urge to wear saree by going for saree style lehenga. And no need to say but it looks very classy.

7. Fishtail lehenga

This lehenga is for the girls who always want to wear unique concepts. This type of lehenga is fully fitted from the hips area and is flairy from a bit above the knee. It looks very irresistible. This is also called a mermaid style lehenga. You can pair it with a crop top. This is preferred by young girls who are slim and tall. You can even rock this look by wearing minimal or no jewellery. To make the whole look complete you can carry a hand clutch.

lehenga lehenga

So above are some known and trendy options in lehenga choli. You can rock every look in lehenga if you make the right choice of lehenga shape, colour, jewellery as per the event or function. Try to get it from the good and recommended place to get the best variety of lehenga. Add some accessories to get the best to give your outfit bling. You can even rock a simple lehenga on a wedding by adding best-suited jewellery and classy heels or wedges.

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